4life Transfer Factor Renuvo

What Is Renuvo?
Renuvo is a patented adaptogenic formula that targets healthy aging by supporting a more
youthful response to daily life stressors, such as an unhealthy diet, intensive exercise, or mental
stress. 4Life Tri-Factor Formula—4Life’s proprietary immune system support blend—is at the
core of Renuvo.*
In a randomized, placebo-controlled, 30-day safety and efficacy pre-clinical study conducted at
the University of Missouri, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Renuvo reduced the physiological
stress marker TNF-alpha, improved antioxidant capacity, and alleviated the gain in body weight in
response to a high-fat, high-sugar diet.


Did You Know?
TNF-alpha is a key protein of your immune system produced in response to occasional physiological stresses, such as intense exercise, high-fat/high-sugar diet, poor sleep, mental stress, or exposure to environmental threats. TNF-alpha is released by the immune system to exert protective functions and regeneration. But, when not shut down at the appropriate time, this continued defense response places additional stress on your body systems, causing negative outcomes such as advanced aging, fat gain, muscle loss, and low energy. It’s important to keep TNF-alpha under control and create a cellular environment that helps get your body back into balance.*

Primary Support:
Healthy Aging*
Overall Wellness*
Immune System*

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• Memelihara kesehatan tubuh dengan
bahan-bahan khusus yang terkandung
dalam Transfer Factor Renuvo.
• Menjaga agar tubuh tetap sehat dan


Memiliki Manfaat meningkatkan SISTEM IMUN dan MeReset Metabolisme menjadi Metabolisme Usia 22tahun, Kontrol StressMood, AntiOksidan Tinggi, BioFlavonoid Tinggi.

Top-selling healthy aging formula that promotes
total body recovery*
• Promotes youthful aging, healthy mental acuity, and total body recovery*
• Promotes healthy sexual vitality and energy*
• Provides support for a more youthful response to daily stressors, such as an unhealthy diet, intensive exercise, or mental stress